Dr. Jebreil’s Office Amenities

At our office we offer the latest amenities you your health and comfort.

Laser therapy: For your health and comfort our office is pleased to be a laser certified office. A dental laser is one of the latest and greatest tools your dentist can provide. Dr. Sarah Jebreil uses a state-of-the-art lasers for a variety of aesthetic dentistry treatments. To whiten teeth in less than an hour she uses a laser along with a high-level, professional bleaching solution, specially designed for use with the laser. To lift and contour gum lines, Dr. Jebreil uses a laser which minimizes discomfort and eliminates bleeding. The results are beautiful and dramatic.

Fully digital office: From digital x-rays to fully digital charts Dr. Jebreil is equipped with the latest technologies to make life easier and healthier for her patients as well as helping to preserve the environment.

Intraoral camera: Dr Jebreil has the Sopro Life intraoral camera. This camera not only takes detailed images of the idiosyncrasies within the mouth, it also has the ability to detect decay within the mouth with its luminescence.

Concierge: Our Concierge is here to serve you. They are more than happy to help you coordinate your insurance benefits and financing. They take pride in creating the best dental experience you have had yet. We are conveniently located in the Centerpoint building which are corner of Macarthur Blvd and Jamboree.  We are easily accessible and able to accomodate your busy schedule by offering early morning and lunch time appointments.


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