Factors That Contribute to a Perfect Smile


Tooth and Gingival Health

Oral health: The oral cavity is the gateway to the rest of the body. Disease in the mouth can greatly affect health in the body.

  • Pre-term/low birth weight babies is often linked to gum disease
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lung conditions
  • Obesity

Teeth health:

  • Missing teeth: we can restore missing teeth with bridges or implants
  • Chipped teeth/craked teeth: we have a variety of methods to restore chipped teeth such as cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns
  • Worn teeth: Dr. Jebreil is highly trained in the rehabilitation of teeth that have been severely worn

Tooth Alignment

Invisalign – Dr. Sarah Jebreil is a preferred provider with Invisalign and can help straighten and align your teeth create a flawless smile. Invisalign has made so many advancements over the last couple of years it really can do everything and more than braces can do!

Gingival Alignment

Gum Lift – Dr. Sarah Jebreil is experienced in analyzing smiles and often times the offending factors have to do with the misalignment of the gum tissue. If the lips are the frame that holds the smile, the gums are the mat-board that surrounds the smile. An asymmetrical mat-board takes away from the beauty of the picture as do asymmetry in the gums. Dr. Sarah can analyze your gums and demonstrate to you where the offending areas are prior to performing a gum-lift. A gum-lift can further enhance your smile and bring it to its true radiance.

Invisalign – Often times the gums are in the incorrect position because the tooth is in the incorrect position. Gum levels follow the root levels, therefore a root in an incorrect position results in a tooth in an incorrect position. To correct the tooth and gum position Dr. Sarah can orthodontically move the teeth with Invisalign to create the balance that is needed in the smile.

Facial Proportions/Tooth Display

Dr. Sarah will your smile and facial dimensions. Everyone has facial asymmetries and a strong side or weak side of the face. Dr Sarah will evaluate where these areas are and what needs to be done to the smile to balance out the asymmetries in the face.

Tooth Color

Laser whitening – Dr Sarah offers laser whitening which is the fastest, most effective way to whiten teeth.


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