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Have you noticed that your teeth are not what they used to be? Have they become worn and you feel like they are making you look aged?

Dr. Jebreil is an expert and Smile Rejuvenation. She will do a thorough exam, tmj exam and photographic analysis of your face to determine what is the necessary treatment to get your smile back on track.

Dr. Jebreil will sit down with you to formulate a custom treatment plan to address your treatment goals. Dr. Jebreil formulates the treatment plan from your photographic analysis, she determines where your smile can be improved and inturn how your smile can balance out your facial disharmonies.

People don’t often realize that the teeth and mouth are the dominating feature of the face. A skillfully planned smile by and dental beauty expert like Dr Jebreil, can balance disharmonies within the face and create a true radiance. Some of the benefits of smile rejuvenation include:

  • Friends won’t know what you have done to yourself but will remark at how amazing you look
  • It can take years off your face
  • A properly proportioned smile can smooth wrinkles at the corners of the mouth and create support in the upper lip and lower part of the face
  • Can give an added boost of confidence and radiance


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