What We Do

At Sarah Jebreil DDS | Dental Esthetics, we specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry focused on smile re-design using the high quality, custom porcelain veneers with an emphasis on symmetry and balance of the face using the latest techniques and philosophies. Our process, as outline below, is detailed and thorough to ensure the most esthetically balanced and beautiful outcome with open communication throughout.

What to Expect

FirsT Visit - Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Jebreil will spend time you to better understand your concerns with your smile and the outcome you hope to achieve. Through this process, Dr. Jebreil will take photos, X-Rays and 3D impressions to analyze your facial space, lip dynamics and overall facial symmetry. At the end of the consultation, Dr. Jebreil will present her recommendation and present options for you to decide which plan is best suited for you.

Second Visit - Design Reveal

During this visit, Dr. Jebreil will present the proposal smile re-design and answer any questions. She will begin prepping your teeth, take more photos and X-Rays to ensure the most accurate results, and place temporaries of the proposed smile design which preview the look of the proposed veneers.

Third Visit - Design Review

During this visit, Dr. Jebreil will confirm whether the look and feel of the temporaries with you and see if you would like any adjustments or changes before the final veneers are fabricated by top lab technicians in the US. During this visit, Dr. Jebreil will discuss color and tooth characteristics.

Final Visit - Delivery Appointment

During your final visit, Dr. Jebreil will try in your custom, artistically crafted veneers. During the try-in, you will be able to preview the veneers, go outside to show significant others and take photos to evaluate for yourself. Once approved by yourself and Dr. Jebreil, the veneers will be cemented and adjusted to ensure the perfect bite.